Dirt To Soil

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LH Organics’ Soil System 1® helps turn Dirt into Soil?

The principal ingredients of dirt are sand, clay and silt.  Add some minerals and a variety of organic components to dirt and it becomes soil: capable of growing food crops.  As crops grow, nutrients and organic material in soil are depleted unless they are replaced.  Over the past several decades, growers have used chemical fertilizers to replace these nutrients. Unfortunately, many growers now find that the use of chemical fertilizers as their sole method to feed crop growth not only requires ever-increasing amounts of product and  associated cost to produce crop yield but also introduces serious danger to groundwater and employee environments.  Fortunately, both the cost and danger of this process is unnecessary.  What is needed and available is a formula to return Nature’s medicine to your soils. As a theme in Jeff Lowenfels book “Teaming with Microbes” points out - healthy root systems lead to stronger plants that are more capable of fighting off pests and infestation, heat and cold spikes and other challenges presented by an unpredictable Mother Nature. Healthy roots equal healthy plants and healthy plants yield bountiful crops.

LH Organics’ Soil System 1® is designed to replenish the microbial balance nature intended for healthy soil and improve results from field crops, orchards, vineyards, row crops, hydroponics or any situation where plant production is critical.